Sunday, Sep 11 2016

Yes, You Still Need a Cover Letter for IT Positions – Here's Why

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Armada Group Cover Letter IT

If there was something easy you could do to make yourself stand out from other job seekers, you would do it, right? Well, there is something you can do that your competition doesn't: include a cover letter when you submit your resume through an online job application. Rather than skipping over that optional field, take advantage of it to sell yourself and highlight your skills in ways that just uploading your resume fails to do.

You'll stand out.

For starters, most people who upload their resume won't include a cover letter, so you'll stand out. Taking the time to write a cover letter emphasizes you have real interest in this position.

You can explain how you fit.

While it's true a lot of resumes are scanned and matched for keywords, your cover letter can help explain how you match the job opportunity even if it isn't obvious from your work history.

You demonstrate writing skills.

One place resumes fall down is in demonstrating communication skills. Incomplete sentences are the norm and sections tend to be a single paragraph per heading. Writing a cover letter lets you demonstrate you can write effectively, which is still a necessary skill on technical jobs.

You make reviewing your resume personal.

Cover letters tell the person reviewing your documents something personal about your goals. You're no longer an anonymous stranger, and they'll connect better with the details included on your resume.

You can be creative.

Resumes are formulaic, and by the time they get in front of a reviewer, they may be stripped down to fit inside the company's candidates database format. Your cover letter provides an opportunity to present your information structured differently and make it more enjoyable for the reviewer.

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