Sunday, Jul 17 2016

Will Free Online Courses Boost Your Tech Career?

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Keeping current with technology is critically important if you plan to have your career last your lifetime. While some companies offer training in new skills, they may limit you to taking courses in the technologies they expect to use in new projects. If you want to pursue other interests, you need to develop your own course of study. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there are many online training resources you can use to boost your knowledge.

Product tutorials.

Almost every software product, whether open source or vendor-supported, offers a free download version. Some may have limited functionality and some may expire after 30 days or so, but in either case, you can get your hands on the product and start exploring. In most cases, a search will find multiple tutorials to help walk you through building an introductory product, plus community forums where you can turn to get your questions solved.

Online courses.

You can find many online courses, some free and some at cost, at sites like,, and Online courses vary in their detail, complexity, and how much support you can expect from the instructor, so read class descriptions closely. In some cases, a series of online courses can lead to a certificate attesting to your knowledge.

Online degree programs.

More comprehensive than individual courses, online degree programs offer the equivalent of university study and lead to a degree granted by the institution. Earning a degree through online study requires a commitment to completing multiple courses over several years. Depending on the school, this can also require a significant financial investment.

Before pursuing any online study, think about what you hope to achieve so you can identify the best approach take. You may simply want to pursue a personal interest, or you may want to enhance your skills to qualify for new responsibilities at work. You may want to learn an entirely new technology to pursue opportunities in new, hot fields like big data and the internet of things.

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