Sunday, Oct 16 2016

Why UI Engineers Make More Money in Silicon Valley

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Why UI Engineers Make More Money in Silicon Valley

There's no question UI Engineering is a top-paying career choice. The national average salary is over $95,000. Move to Silicon Valley, though, and you can add more than $15,000 to your pay: The average UI engineer salary in San Jose, California, is more than $111,000.

The reason for that is simple: Silicon Valley is still the heart of the tech industry, still full of startups looking for talent to help them crack the big leagues, still full of established tech firms like Google and Apple that need superstars to help them remain on top.

All of those companies are competing for a small pool of super-talented engineers, and that competition means big paychecks for developers with the right background and abilities. Compensation offers often comes with more than salary and standard benefits packages, with stock options and other perks. Those inducements are needed when the candidates with the best backgrounds receive and weigh multiple job offers.

It isn't just the competitive hiring situation that leads to high salaries. The costs of living in Silicon Valley, including owning a home and raising a family, are higher than in many other parts of the country. Higher salaries are needed to compensate for these higher costs.

For UI developers and other tech talent, working for these Silicon Valley companies is immensely appealing, and not just for the financial rewards. These tech companies are all about technology, and rather than tech supporting the business, tech drives the business, tech is the business. This lets engineers make a much more profound impact through their development work.

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