Monday, Apr 10 2017

Why the Best Full Stack Developers Learn by Doing

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Becoming a full stack developer is no small feat. It involves learning a wide variety of skills and taking the time to master them. While many professionals think pursuing traditional methods for skill development is ideal, you can actually make a surprising amount of headway if you put down the reading material and learn by doing instead.


Why is the “learn by doing” approach ideal for many tech pros? Here are just a few reasons.

Beyond Information

When you choose to explore new skills through mechanisms like books, blogs, and classroom-style learning, you have the chance to gain a lot of new information. While what you learn can be valuable, it isn’t necessarily a practical understanding of the skill.


Working as a developer means you spend the majority of your time creating and not reciting facts. If you want to go beyond just knowing the information, you need to put it to use in a real way. Spending some time to sit down and actually use your developing skills allows you to explore them in real-world scenarios. You can see the results of your work and have the chance to learn from your mistakes.


Yes, the process can be difficult and frustrating, but the lessons you learn during hands-on experimentation often lead to bigger leaps forward than simply reading about them in a book.

Show What You Can Do

If your ultimate goal is to achieve employment as a full stack developer, employers need to know what you can actually do, not just what you seem to know. Companies need to see that you can take their problems and craft strong solutions, which is something book-based learning can’t demonstrate.


By taking a “learn by doing” approach, you can create a list of projects that actually show hiring managers your capabilities. And when it comes to choosing a candidate for a position, this will always yield better results. Even the simplest use of these skills means more to an organization than explaining how you have educated yourself through reading.

Support Future Learning

Learning by doing helps develop skills that make learning the next skill easier. If you teach yourself a programming language, the next one is often easier to acquire. Not only does a hands-on approach help you develop a system for pursuing new knowledge, but it shows you can manage the trials and tribulations that come with exploring new skills.


You also have the option of building upon your existing foundation by using skills with which you are comfortable to explore those that are less familiar. This allows you to focus on new subjects as a method for augmenting your current abilities instead of starting from scratch.


If you are interested in finding a new position as a full stack developer or want to find a job that gives you a chance to learn new skills on-the-job, The Armada Group can help you explore your options. Contact us and see what opportunities may be available in your area.