Monday, Nov 21 2016

Why Tech Companies Should Break Tradition When Assembling Their Leadership Team

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Organizations today are being stressed and changed by technology like never before. Companies aren't just using technology to automate backend processes; technology is changing how they sell and deliver products to customers, and even what products they develop. In many industries, a "digital transformation" is necessary for companies to remain competitive, survive and strive.


For most organizations, making the shift to viewing the business as a digital business isn't easy. It takes vision, leadership and commitment from the top down through all layers of the organization. Without that push from corporate leadership, it's too easy for companies to coast along, doing what they know how to do, without making changes…until the changes become necessary, but too little, too late.


This means that no matter how much a company wants to "promote from within," that strategy may not be sustainable. People who've been inside the business may have a commitment to that business, but they are necessarily shaped by their experience, with their vision likely limited by the box they've been working in. For companies that need to transform themselves, thinking outside the box is most likely to come from those who've never been inside the box in the first place — which means you may need to hire from the outside, rather than boost from the ranks, in order to reinvent your business.


It also means you may need to look for someone with less experience than you think the position needs. You need someone who has a new and different understanding of your business than the experienced personnel. This doesn't mean someone with less ability; it means someone who's closer to the changes coming your way rather than someone who's steeped in the old way of doing things.


Because the digital transformation is so crucial to company success, it's critical that you work with an organization that understands the difficulties of making change and of defining the kind of person who can help you make that change. Talk with The Armada Group to learn how our recruiting services can help you understand the skills you need to bring to your organization and identify the right people to transform your business.