Wednesday, Jan 25 2017

Why It’s Time to Get Familiar with FaaS

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Features-as-a-Service (FaaS) is the latest trend to come down the developer pipeline. The driving force behind the movement is to give developers quick access to come features using a traditional off-the-shelf software model. Instead of having to recreate the same features every time they create a new application, the developers select the features they need from FaaS providers.

FaaS Offerings

Many applications have certain features in common. For example, mapping services and certain social components are regularly included by developers. Instead of having to mess with an API to have the options fit into the project, developers simply choose FaaS options that meet those needs.


What makes FaaS different from some other “as a service” development is the fact that the features don’t operate as a standalone product. Instead, they are intended to be components of a larger offering, providing an additional function on the front-end once integrated.


Since FaaS providers focus on creating these modular options, the quality of the feature should remain high. Instead of being created by developers with larger missions, for an FaaS developer, the feature is the entire product. That means that significant time and attention were likely paid to ensure it provides the best experience possible since it is intended for resale and not just internal use.

Benefits of FaaS

In essence, the features are designed to be plug-and-play, limiting the amount of work required on the developer's part to get a function that is featured in a wide array of applications. Some product features, like video chatting and news feeds, can be fairly complex in nature. And spending the time to reinvent the wheel every time a developer wants to include a certain feature isn’t an efficient use of resources.


FaaS allows developers to bypass the work required to create features that many apps have in common, like intuitive search-as-you-type and deeplinking. Instead, they can concentrate on the aspects of the application that are unique to that specific product.


The overall benefit is a more cost-effective approach to application development. Internal resources are focused solely on new development, allowing development timelines to be shortened while still ensuring a high-quality product.


Additionally, companies that embrace FaaS may find themselves more attractive to top developers working in the field. Often, the best and brightest end up fighting boredom on the job, and repeatedly creating the same feature could play into that feeling. By removing more repetitive portions of the development process, developers get to work on the parts of the app that are new without having to reinvent the wheel along the way.


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