Tuesday, Sep 06 2016

Why Information Security Job Salaries Are Skyrocketing

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salaries skyrocketing

The software industry is full of very creative and inventive people. Unfortunately, plenty of those people apply their creativity to the development of malware and other attempts to hack into corporate and government systems. In order to defend themselves, companies need to hire more information security workers with more sophisticated skill sets. Other industry trends also mean a greater demand for IT security engineers. The supply simply can't keep up, leading to rising salaries and great opportunities for those with the skills.

Protecting Customer Information

There are probably very few people in America who haven't received a notice from some company that their information was stolen due to a data breach. The increasing numbers of malware attacks have made information security a major focus at every business, whatever its size. This means a high demand for security experts who can help companies design and implement an effective defensive strategy.

Protecting Internet of Things Devices

The internet doesn't just connect people today; it connects "things," too; the Internet of Things connects billions of devices that are largely hidden from view. While the initial connected devices offered smart-home features like alarm management and thermostat controls, IoT devices are no longer limited to homes and offices. The devices are now in factories, industrial facilities, and even automobiles. The consequences of a hacker taking control of those devices can lead to dangerous situations in the physical – not just online – world. The creators of these devices are devoting increased attention to keeping them secure, increasing the demand for developers with security skills.

Protecting Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing has moved company applications and data outside of a data center on its own property into remote facilities "in the cloud" that are shared with other companies, and outside of the company's direct control. As a result, companies need to take additional steps to protect their data. To do this, they need security experts with the skills to help them develop a strategy around the use of cloud, as well as to implement specific protective measures.

As a result of these trends, salaries are rising for all technical workers who have security responsibilities – including programmers, network administrators, security engineers, and all the way up to the Chief Information Security Officer. For IT experts who want to find a job with job security, information security jobs offer lots of rewards. Contact The Armada Group to start your search today.