Thursday, Aug 04 2016

Why Having a Diverse Upper Management Level Helps Your Recruitment

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why having a diverse upper

Companies that have a diverse workforce have a competitive advantage. The different perspectives and insights that employees bring from their various backgrounds help companies shape products that appeal to the widest possible audience.

Recruiting that diverse workforce takes a concerted effort. Certainly, pictures on your website send a message about who works for you, but that isn't enough to attract diverse workers. You need to actively reach out and take steps to appeal to the diverse population.

Make a Visible Commitment to Diversity

As with most things, the commitment to success begins at the top. The best way to demonstrate that you're committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce is to have diversity in the most publicly visible layer of employees—senior, board-level management. The new generation of employees, Millennials, takes diversity seriously and is likely to dismiss you as a potential employer if they don't see a truly diverse workforce.

Define Diversity Broadly

Define what diversity means for your business and make sure it's a broad definition: race, religion, age, social background, and other factors all give people different perspectives that are valuable when shared in in the workplace.

Develop a Recruitment Plan

Don't wait for diverse workers to reach out to you. Actively reach out and recruit through organizations that serve people of different backgrounds. Student groups and ethnic professional associations are great places to find talented potential employees. Churches and cultural institutions can also connect you with a diverse population.

Support Diverse Employees at Work

Once you've hired a diverse workforce, make sure the environment encourages them to remain at your business. Provide mentors and other programs to help these employees succeed. Having diverse upper management helps remind these workers that success at this company is possible. Make diversity training mandatory and take visible action if discriminatory behavior occurs.

Diverse workplaces are successful workplaces. The Armada Group's talent database can connect you with skilled employees from many different backgrounds. Contact us to work with a recruiter who will understand your business needs and match you with the talent that will help your business grow.