Thursday, Sep 22 2016

Why Complacency in Your Current Job Is the Ultimate Career Killer

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You work at your job, but do you work at your career? Whether you're happy in your current position and can't imagine wanting to leave, or are so busy with projects inside and outside the office that you don't have time to think about it, it's dangerous to assume the job you have is safe and permanent.

Stable companies can be upended by unexpected changes in the market, leading to layoffs, and changes in technology can mean that the technical skill set that got you hired is no longer needed. In order to be prepared to cope with challenges like these, make time every year to review your career, your goals, and the actions you need to take to keep your job or find a new one.

Review Your Career Goals Regularly.

The goals you had when you took your current job may not be appropriate for you anymore. Make sure you're still excited by the opportunities that will be available to you in the future if you keep doing what you're doing. If you aren't, identify where you want to go next on your career journey and what you need to do to get there.

Build Your Network.

If something happens and your current position was to go away, the best way to find a new opportunity is through talking with your contacts. Take advantage of LinkedIn and in-person networking opportunities to stay in touch and update your former colleagues with what's happening in your professional career and to make new professional connections.

Learn a New Skill.

Know what industry changes are happening and take a class or work on a personal project using one of the new technologies that's becoming popular. You should also work on developing your interpersonal skills, because those will help you impress on interviews as well as succeed at the office.

Keep an Eye on the Job Market.

Even if you don't expect to transition to a new job this year, become aware of what technologies and roles are in demand. You should also track the salaries being offered for the job you currently have; it's common for long-term employees to lag behind market rates as raises don't keep pace.

Be Aware of What's Happening in Your Company.

The better you're plugged in at your workplace, the less surprised you'll be by anything that happens. Maintain a good relationship with your boss, and take advantage of one-on-one and skip-level meetings to gain insight into corporate plans.

Talking with recruiters is also a great way to become informed of what's happening in the job market. A recruiter can let you know what openings exist and what changes they see happening. At the Armada Group, our hot jobs database lets you see what skills companies are hiring. Check out what's in demand, and if you decide you're ready for a change after all, contact us to start getting connected to opportunity.