Monday, Apr 03 2017

Why Collaborative Organizations Make the Best Breakthroughs

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Many employees and managers alike feel that time spent in meetings is less productive than it could be. Often, these events take a significant amount of time and may not actually be as helpful in developing new breakthroughs within an organization. This is especially true if the people in attendance stay restricted to particular work groups or divisions, as it prevents information sharing from getting innovators involved from other areas.


However, there are methods available for creating a collaborative environment that supports communication between workgroups, allowing those with differing perspectives to participate when working towards common goals. Additionally, by implementing the correct tools, collaboration efforts can be directed with the simple click of a mouse.

Structured Meeting Agendas

One of the biggest issues that prevents meetings from being productive is the lack of a clear agenda. By structuring the event, participants are fully aware of what should be covered, as well as the overall goal. Meetings without structure can easily drift off target, leading to time being spent on issues that should not be of immediate concern. And, when this occurs, objectives are missed and valuable time can be wasted.


Companies that value collaboration treat meetings like assets. They understand that time spent on any cause throughout the workday is valuable and should be managed accordingly. That way, everyone gets what they need to move forward on organizational goals – without any time being wasted on topics that do not need to be covered.

Tool Implementation

Collaboration-oriented software solutions have made connecting easier than ever, as long as they are used in the right way. Giving employees options regarding how they reach out can help streamline the time spent in meetings, by providing alternatives to traditional in-person attendance, while also allowing organic innovation to occur more easily.


Solutions that integrate audio and video conferencing, mobile messaging, and traditional email can get everyone connected whenever the need arises. Additionally, quick links to online meeting platforms can be sent through a variety of mechanisms, ensuring everyone has the ability to attend without having to dig through old messages or track down original meeting invites.


Often, when critical members of a team cannot be in attendance, the ability to innovate through collaboration is limited. By making the ability to communicate highly accessible, members of work groups and larger teams can touch base regardless of whether they are in the office, at a remote location or even on the road. This ensures key personnel can always participate, providing their knowledge and perspective whenever required.


These technologies also allow impromptu gatherings to occur with greater ease, ensuring that when a good idea hits the floor employees can pursue the opportunity immediately instead of waiting until the next scheduled meeting. By allowing these conversations to take place naturally, innovative ideas are quickly shared, helping the group keep the creative juices flowing whenever inspiration strikes.


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