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Why Celebrating the Holidays at Work Motivates and Builds Teamwork

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5 Celebrate the Holidays

Holiday celebrations do more than just improve morale for a day. Having annual traditions in the workplace can increase employee motivation. It also contributes to team building efforts and leads to more productive teams.


While most organizations focus on providing opportunities to celebrate the traditional winter holiday season, there are a number of other holidays that can be celebrated. By scheduling regular events, you encourage your employees to look forward to the celebrations and keep spirits high throughout the year.


To experience the benefits that only workplace celebrations can bring, here are some tips to get you started.

Unity and Togetherness

Even though most people spend a disproportionate amount of time around their co-workers, those interactions are rarely social or celebratory in nature. By adding holiday events to the regular schedule, you encourage everyone to come together for a reason other than completing a work task. The relaxed atmosphere gives employees a chance to bond while enjoying themselves. Supporting these connections can help teams function optimally and might lead to better performances on future projects.

Morale and Motivation

The ability to have a holiday event at work helps employees feel appreciated. This improves the overall mood in the workplace and allows the employee to fully dedicate themselves to their employer. Having a break from routine is a morale booster, especially when the celebration focuses on fun and relaxation.


While holiday events do not have to double as recognition events, it is often an easy adjustment to make. Being recognized for accomplishments and success demonstrate that members of management notice the hard work they put in and appreciate the effort. This can include longevity celebrations focused on key milestones with the company, such as the 10-year mark, as well as those focused on recognizing employees who have experienced a significant accomplishment during the year. Consider reviewing both professional and personal victories of your employees to show you take a particular interest in the well-being of your team.

Choosing Appropriate Holidays and Events

It is important to pick the right moments for celebrations. While the winter holidays often lead to an event, it is important to avoid parties with specific religious connotations. Most workplaces are filled with diversity, so focusing on a holiday closely associated with a particular religious preference is often not appropriate. However, seasonal celebrations can be created without referencing any particular religious or cultural preferences.


You can also hold regular events that are not specifically tied to holidays, such as annual employee appreciation events. Additionally, recognizing birthdays on a monthly basis or other major life events, like weddings, births and graduations, can also provide excellent opportunities to celebrate.


If a large project is nearing completion, consider creating a celebration surrounding the accomplishment. Not only does a recognition event of this nature disrupt the monotony that may have taken over the workplace, it also provides excellent stress release after the fact.


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