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Why Are Tech Pros So Good At Ruining Their Interviews?

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Why Are Tech Pros So Good At Ruining Their Interviews

IT pros spend a lot of time dealing with computers. So it's no surprise that sometimes they interact better with machines than they do with people. This can be a problem when it comes to getting hired, because an interview isn't a coding challenge. You need to figure out the human factors to ace the test. Here's how:

Don't be arrogant.

Are you a master of arcane technical knowledge? That's great, and it's definitely important to bring that knowledge to the interview. But it's also important that you don't come across as arrogant, or impatient if an interviewer asks you more basic questions.

Be respectful.

Along the same lines, if the interviewer describes their project to you, don't insult the work that their team has done. You can offer an honest opinion as to where you would have used the technology differently, but don't offer a harsh critique without some positive comments as well.

Be prepared.

Find out as much as you can about the company, the project, and the team that you're interviewing for. With this information, you can tailor your responses to match what the team needs. That doesn't mean lying about your experience or your interests, but simply choosing to emphasize different aspects of your background and experience. It also lets you brush up on the technology you're likely to be asked about.

Don't talk on and on.

Many technical staff are introverted, so talking too much isn't normally their problem. But in a situation where you're nervous, like an interview, it's common to talk more than you should. Rein in your nerves, give the interviewer a chance to finish their question, and tailor your response to the specific question.

Help the interviewer see how you fit in.

The best way to win a job offer is to seem like you belong there. This isn't just about dressing appropriately; it's about showing how you can help the team. If the interviewer mentions challenges or difficulties the project team is facing, talk about similar challenges you've faced and how your experience can help the team overcome their current issue. Sharing your knowledge and solving a problem for the group even before you're hired is a great way to demonstrate your value to the employer!

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