Monday, Dec 19 2016

Why Anxiety Can be a Good Thing in IT

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Most people paint stress and anxiety in a bad light. While excessive stress can lead to various negative consequences, some anxiety can actually help you move forward. Before you dismiss your concern as being poor for your work performance and general well-being, consider these benefits that lurk just below the surface of that troubling feeling.

Change Can Be Good

One source of anxiety is a fear of change. And this feeling can happen even if the change reinforces something you already know. Many people remain stagnant because they feel secure, even if they aren’t happy. But ignoring your displeasure can leave you waiting for a sign that will never appear.


However, sometimes experiencing the anxiety related to change helps you understand more about what you truly want. For example, a pending layoff can provide clarity regarding whether your current job is right for you. If you truly valued the position (beyond the security), you will be reminded of all of the things you value. However, if you are unhappy, you may find the prospect of a layoff inviting, even invigorating, as it gives you an easy way to exit.


Now, that doesn’t mean the transition won’t be scary, but sometimes staying on your current course is a bigger long-term risk than pursuing a new opportunity.

Anxiety Requires Action

Alleviating anxiety requires you to take action, as the situation rarely resolves itself. Sometimes the desire to get beyond that feeling is enough to have you making the tough decisions you may have been avoiding. If the idea of maintaining a business-as-usual lifestyle creates a tightness in your chest and has your pulse racing, then the only way to get past those feelings may be through action.


Sometimes you have to make a choice. Your anxiety may be focused on the risks associated with the decision you actually want to settle on. Many people allow their careers to flow without much intervention. They continue forward without a definitive plan or hold on to goals that will not happen organically. Without committing to a direction, you will find yourself coasting through life and possibly missing the chance to pursue your dreams.

Action Leads to Growth

Once you take control of your IT career and pursue what is important to you, you may find your anxiety transforming into relief or even calm. While that doesn’t mean all risks are gone, sometimes the risks of remaining stationary are just as painful to contemplate.


If you find yourself interested in a new IT field or position, consider what is required to make that change happen. If you need more education, check into your options. Need more experience? See what it takes to gain it. You may find that your anxiety drives you to locate the answer to the questions you’ve been holding on to, and it may not be as scary as you imagined.


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