Wednesday, Feb 01 2017

Why Agile and DevOps are Better Together

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Agile has been on the IT development industry radar for well over a decade, but the principles are just as valuable today as they were at their original creation.  It advocates for continuous improvement through flexibility and adaptive planning.  In comparison, the term “DevOps” is relatively new.  However, it also supports initiatives around improved quality by integrating Automated Delivery and Continuous Deployment into the software development cycle.


Separately, each of these strategies brings value to software and IT development teams.  Not only can they speed up the process of creation and eventual release into the market, they also has the potential to improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty.  Additionally, both approaches are known to increase employee engagement, aiding companies with their larger recruitment and retention goals.


But, when taken together, Agile and DevOps can accomplish those goals and much more.

Employee Satisfaction

The use of Agile and DevOps in conjunction can increase employee satisfaction.  Often, involved team members are happier with their work which creates a more productive work environment.  This improves recruitment and retention efforts, helping businesses locate top talent and keep them on the payroll over the long term.


Projects move forward with greater velocity, and the ability to improve products to create more value becomes a constant.  Additionally, the rapid release of new iterations can actually lower the level of support required with updated releases, as companies focus on implementing a series of small changes instead of large-scale rereleases.


Ultimately, Agile and DevOps work towards the same goals of creating better products while simultaneously increasing employee engagement throughout the development cycle.

Customer Satisfaction

Often, when development teams are happier, productivity increases and engagement is maintained.  Additionally, product development is seen as continuous, meaning that new value is created within the product at faster intervals than traditional development approaches.  And a side effect of this is often greater customer satisfaction.


Customers can witness the quality of the product increasing over time, and many businesses that use Agile and DevOps techniques are able to keep pace with or stay ahead of the competition, which is critical to long-term organizational success.  In turn, the higher-quality output can increase brand loyalty while also attracting new customers.

A Combined Effect

Agile and DevOps have the same essential goals; they work to bring high-value products to customers and support continuous improvement and evolution.  Since each of these principles focus on streamlining development, businesses that use the tactics are typically more attractive to top talent working in the field.  In those regards, Agile and DevOps are natural allies.


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