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Where to Find a Hot Job in Silicon Valley

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When people think of technology jobs, the Silicon Valley area still holds a lot of appeal. The number of tech companies operating in the area is still high, and many find the idea of moving to the region attractive. But, not every area within Silicon Valley is created equal when it comes to finding a hot job today. To help ensure you are targeting the right part of the region, here are some tips to get you started.

Tech Is Strong

Technology positions are well-represented within the top paying category throughout Silicon Valley. Additionally, the region typically pays more for highly skilled IT professionals when compared to the rest of the nation, including areas with high costs of living like New York.


Since the demand for a higher level of skill and experience is significant, those possessing the needed expertise are more likely to find an attractive employment opportunity in Silicon Valley than outside it.

Start in San Francisco

The San Francisco metro area is considered one of the hottest job markets in the nation, especially when it comes to top-paying positions in the technology field. Spurred by increased demand across the country, IT professionals with software development and programming skills are especially well-positioned to benefit from higher salaries than some of their hardware-oriented counterparts.


Positions may be available in areas like cloud services, mobile communications, software, security, and even social media. This means a variety of skills are represented, making a high-paying position in the areas easier to find for many tech professionals with a range of specialties.


Additionally, opportunities may be available in the San Jose area as well, but the city isn’t seeing the demand like San Francisco.

Look to Health Care

The healthcare market is also hot in Silicon Valley, especially in the tech sector. While most people attribute top jobs in the field to physicians and other medical specialists, these organizations rely heavily on technology to make their work possible. Everything from internal software development to the integration of IoT means IT professionals have opportunities within the facilities.


Hospitals rely on secure networks to make daily activities possible, but the increase of mobile technology and wearable health devices makes that more challenging than ever. Individuals with the skills needed to make these systems accessible and safe for employees and patients can likely find a high-paying position with one of these institutions.

Consider Management

The higher you move up the ranks, the more pay you can expect. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that employees responsible for managing departments are commanding higher salaries in Silicon Valley and beyond. Whether you are interested in taking ownership of specific systems or leading a skilled team, working towards a management position is often ideal when you are looking to land a hot job.


If you are interested in exploring new opportunities in Silicon Valley, The Armada Group understands what it takes to be successful in the area. Contact us to see what job openings are available in your field and land a hot job today.