Friday, Nov 11 2016

What You Need to Know to be a Full Stack Developer: Jack of All Trades

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4 Full Stack Developer

The more you know, the more valuable you are to an employer. If you're able to work with multiple technologies and solve different kinds of problems, you'll be able to contribute to your project in many ways. That's why it's advantageous to think of yourself not as a front end or backend developer, but as a full stack developer instead.


You'll almost certainly prefer working on the front end or the backend, but develop a level of competence in these skills to let you contribute wherever the need is:


1. Shell scripting. Learn how to write scripts in a shell language or scripting language like Ruby or Python. These languages are often used to automate server-side support tasks.

2. Web front end tools. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are still important. You should understand how to use AJAX to create rich interfaces, as well as be familiar with common frameworks such as Angular.

3. Web backend tools. Web applications run in a server such as Apache. Understand the basic administration tasks associated with the servers.

4. Databases. All the data used by applications has to be stored somewhere. That's still most often in a relational database, so knowing how to query in SQL is important, but NoSQL databases are becoming more important as well.

5. Server-side programming languages. Interpreted shell languages aren't appropriate for many server-side tasks, which is why you should learn Java or C++.

6. Cloud computing. Many new applications today will run in the cloud and make use of the functionality provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Become familiar with one of these cloud vendors' products, including DevOps tasks like starting a new cloud instance and deploying an application.

7. Mobile platforms. Mobile-first application development is becoming common. Know how to develop for iOS or Android; knowing cross-platform mobile development tools is also useful.


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