Thursday, Aug 11 2016

What You'll Earn as a Data Analyst in Silicon Valley

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Big data and analytics are among the hottest areas in computing now. Companies are capturing more data than ever: data used by their information processing systems; data generated by Internet of Things sensor-based devices; data that tracks every customer interaction with their website – even the unstructured reviews and comments their customers post on Facebook and online forums.

Then they combine that data with data from third-party sources, like weather forecasts and economic trends, and use statistical methods, machine learning, and other analytics to find patterns and make predictions to help them run their business more effectively, make more sales, and generate more profits.

One result of the growth in data is corresponding growth in data-oriented jobs. These jobs range from data engineers, who focus on putting in place the infrastructure for managing mega-sized data collections, and the data analysts and data scientists who turn the data into insight.

Because the demand for data-wrangling pros is so high, technical staff with data skills, such as SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Python, data visualization, data mining, and machine learning earn correspondingly high salaries.

Job sites report average data analyst salaries of $87,000 for jobs in Silicon Valley, significantly higher than similar jobs in other locations. Experience adds to your value and your paycheck, with average salaries around $120,000. The data engineer title in Silicon Valley can earn an even higher salary, around $145,000. Senior data warehouse engineer salaries in Silicon Valley can exceed $150,000. If you've got the skills for the data scientist job title—which typically requires a master's or Ph.D. in data science, analytics, machine learning, statistics, or applied mathematics—you can ultimately command a salary up to $250,000.

Of course, commanding those salaries requires having the skills to produce corresponding value for the company. If your education and experience support your ability to do this work, The Armada Group can connect you with opportunities that will challenge and reward you. Contact us to let our recruiters help you turn data into profit.