Friday, Nov 18 2016

What are the Ten Highest Paying IT Security Jobs?

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There's never been a greater need for information security professionals. New technology, such as the growth of electronic health records, means there's more valuable information online to steal. And new technology also provides new angles of attack, such as a recent DDOS attack powered by unsecured Internet of Things devices.


For those building a career protecting businesses and consumers from these threats, these are the 10 highest-paying IT security jobs to aspire to. Titles and responsibilities vary by company, so be sure to explore all your options whether you're aiming for a role that's hands-on, a team lead or manager position, or as a senior executive.

Chief Security Officer

These C-suite executives oversee the security strategy of an entire business and monitor the effectiveness of the operational teams. With big responsibility comes a big paycheck of nearly $200,000.

Chief Information Security Officer

Like a CSO, the CISO is a senior executive with high-level responsibility. The CISO focuses more intently on information and data assets. Salaries match or exceed their CSO peer, and can reach close to $250,000.

Global Information Security Director

With an understanding of industry-specific security requirements, these professionals direct the work of project teams and are responsible for the response to a breach. Salaries extend upwards of $150,000.

Director of Security

The security director works with security teams and vendors to reduce the data security threats facing the organization. Salaries hit over $175,000.

IT Security Consultant

If you want the flexibility of working for more than one company, apply your security expertise as an IT security consultant. You'll help companies apply best practices or guide them through a crisis response. Expect a salary of more than $125,000.

Application Security Manager

Applications have specific risks based on the nature of the data they collect and store. An application security manager makes sure that applications have security appropriate to the risks they face. The salary for this work can reach more than $175,000.

Lead Software Security Engineer

As a lead software security engineer, you'll lead a team implementing security solutions throughout the enterprise. Median salaries are over $120,000.

Cybersecurity Lead

You can't defend against threats if you don't know what the threats are; cybersecurity leads help companies identify potential and actual threats, plus help defend against them. Median salaries hit $105,000.

Lead Security Engineer

Like a lead software security engineer, lead security engineers help teams implement security solutions, but have a focus that extends beyond software. Salaries reach more than $145,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

A front-line defender of the organization, this is a hands-on role that involves probing for vulnerabilities and then building defenses. Look for salaries up to $125,000 or more.


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