Thursday, Mar 02 2017

What are the Biggest Talent Gaps that Need to be Filled This Year?

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The current technology landscape is filled with trials. Unemployment among IT professionals remains low, making it more difficult to find candidates for almost any position. Couple that with growing skill gaps when it comes to various growth areas within the field, and your business is likely struggling to get the employees it needs to move forward with some of your most promising projects.


If you intend to seek out tech workers this year, here is an overview of some of the biggest talent gaps, and most challenging specialties to hire, based on the job market today.



The use of mobile technology is a staple in many workplaces. Add to that the fact that new developments in the area continue to rise, and it’s no wonder may companies are finding it hard to get the right people to fill their vacancies. This is especially true for businesses that choose to use more than one platform, such as Android and iOS, as not every IT professional with skills in mobile application development have working experience in both.



IT security professionals will continue to be in high demand, especially as a wider variety businesses rely more heavily on technical products and services as part of their daily operations. Even companies that serve industries other than tech are highly dependent on their software applications, IT infrastructure, and other services to keep things moving forward, and having employees that can secure the organization’s data are a necessity in every one of these landscapes.



In many cases, IT professionals are hyper-focused on their technical area of expertise. However, a certain portion of these employees also possess a wider understanding of business operations and priorities. Being able to understand the intricacies of the IT portions of the business within a broader view can make a significant difference in how a business plans for the future. Employees that have the right balance of technical expertise and business acumen are a coveted commodity as it helps develop stronger long-term strategies to meet the needs of the company over the long-term.



The introduction of cloud-based solutions had a great impact on how many companies do business, and it requires a specific set of skills to support these operations. Being able to support cloud applications and work with various data and storage solutions requires knowledge outside of what is necessary to support in-house operations. Having an IT professional that is familiar with both is often considered ideal as it allows a business to choose a hybrid solution without requiring separate staff for each.


Willingness to Learn

While this isn’t as easy to identify as hard skills, finding employees that are willing to learn and grow as technology changes are almost as important as locating candidates with the right skills today. Not every IT professional is open to expanding beyond a specific specialty, so finding a well-rounded individual that can adapt to the changing needs of a business is always a good find.


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