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Top Tech Jobs that Boast Generous Salaries

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top tech jobs that boast

Salary shouldn't be the only factor driving your career; you'll be working for a few decades, so you should make sure that you'll enjoy your hours on the job. That said, a healthy paycheck can definitely boost the satisfaction you experience. Here are five tech jobs that let you take home a big paycheck.

1. IT project manager. Project managers oversee the work of a technical team, developing project schedules, making sure the team delivers quality work, and making sure the clients are satisfied. While the position typically requires a technical background, the functions are primarily administrative. IT project manager salaries average over $98,000.

2. Analytics manager. Companies today are rushing to implement big data and analytics projects to help them understand their customers better and make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Analytics managers with a strong understanding of databases, statistics, and analytics earn more than $97,000.

3. Product manager. While project managers oversee the technical work of building a project, product managers own the scope and functionality of the project. They make the decisions that prioritize features and own the roadmap for product development. Product manager salaries start at around $108,000 and can reach $150,000 or more with experience.

4. Mobile application developer. Smartphones are becoming the dominant way of accessing applications, and many companies now take a mobile-first approach to application development. Developers with skills in iOS and Android app development earn starting salaries around $76,000, rising to $115,000 with experience.

5. Devops automation engineer. While operations roles have traditionally been at the lower end of technology salaries, these positions are becoming more critical as companies migrate to agile, cloud, and continuous deployment approaches. The rise in need for engineers with the skills to automate deployments, monitoring, and support activities has meant a rise in the need for devops engineers and a rise in their salaries. Devops automation engineers now average salaries around $89,000.

There's a wide range of tech jobs, and almost all of them pay well. Browse our jobs database to explore your options. Then contact our recruiters who will help you get hired.