Monday, May 22 2017

The Value of Digital Disruption

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Digital Disruption


When companies think of digital disruption, they often focus on the businesses that used technology to change a notable paradigm within the business world. How Amazon changed retail, Netflix changed retails, and Uber changed transportation are all examples of digital disruptions in their respective sectors, with their development fundamentally changing how business is done.


But digital disruption isn’t limited to companies that change the game. Any technology that enters the world and affects how goods and services are produced or delivered can qualify. For example, the prevalence of mobile technology, the rise of IoT, and the increase of cloud services are all digital disrupters that provide value to businesses operating in almost every sector. And they are often critical for growth.

New Operational Models

Digital disruptions often force companies to update their operational models to stay competitive. But, along the way, they allow businesses to have opportunities to become more efficient. For example, mobile devices have changed how people work and how consumers shop. While adapting to the new technology required significant process changes, the result provides opportunities for increased productivity and higher sales.


As a new technology enters the market, it allows companies to refocus. They can take advantage of what the tech provides to improve operations and reduce costs. Then, the business can reinvest in areas critical to their development.

Increased Opportunity

Developments in IoT have exposed companies to more data than ever before, and that means increased opportunities to capitalize on the information. Add to that advances in big data and analytics, and businesses can find answers to questions that may have seemed impossible to answer even a few years before.


The ability to learn about how customers think and buy, or how operations are completed during production, give organizations a chance to adjust more quickly than previously. Real-time information can provide feedback in a way that supports immediate action, making businesses more nimble within their market space or in how they do business.

Proper Management is Required

To make digital disruptions work for your business, it is important to view them as opportunities worth exploring and not just challenges that must be dealt with. Consider how these technologies can improve your operations and see if it make sense to integrate them into your workplace.


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