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The Top 3 Programming Languages With The Greatest Growth

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The Top 3 Programming Languages With The Greatest Growth


If you want to know which programming languages will help you get hired, take a look at the program language rankings from the IEEE. The engineering association's list rates languages that are growing rapidly, those that are most in demand by employers, and those that are popular on open source projects. Not surprisingly, there's considerable overlap on the lists.

The IEEE's survey shows these are the top 3 trending languages:


It's almost hard to believe that C is a trending language; it's been a workhorse of development since it was invented back in the 1970s. But the powerful, flexible language continues to be used. The rise of the Internet of Things and the increased emphasis on embedded systems program are part of the reason for the language's continued growth; C is also popular for mobile application development and enterprise application development.


The object-oriented offshoot of C holds the number 2 slot on the IEEE's list of trending languages, and for many of the same reasons: the language is widely used for mobile, enterprise, and embedded systems development. The object-oriented nature of C++ enables the development of modern, reusable code.


Python isn't the youngest of the top 3 trending languages, but it has perhaps the most recent success. Python is often used as a scripting language to support automation of testing and deployment tasks. The growth of DevOps and agile approaches likely contribute to the demand for this capability.


Fourth on the trending list? Java remains a trending language widely used for both web and enterprise application development. It's second in the IEEE's estimate of languages sought by employers, so remains a top skill to have on your resume. While JavaScript is only seventh on the trending list, it's #5 in terms of jobs; if you have solid skills in both Java and JavaScript, you'll be able to work on both front end and back end development projects and have lots of job options open to you.

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