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The Seven Skills You Need To Be A Top Android Developer

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The Seven Skills You Need To Be A Top Android Developer

Mobile application development skills are in high demand as more and more companies take a mobile-first approach to building their applications. Along with Apple/iOS, Android is a dominant platform. If you want to get a job as an Android developer, make sure you have these seven skills on your resume.

Java coding.

Android applications are written in Java, so make sure you have solid knowledge of the language. Your skills should go beyond syntax to understanding the object oriented thinking that underlies all Java applications.

Android SDK.

The Android Software Development Kit is full of handy code libraries that let your Java application make use of Android and phone-specific features like the camera.


All but the most trivial mobile application requires a backend to store application and user data, and the predominant database platforms in use today are still relational and queried using SQL.


The work of your application is done in Java, but making it look good requires XML. Your application's user interface layout is expressed in XML.

Material Design.

While XML lets you express the user interface, Material Design can help you decide what it should look like. Material Design proposes design guidelines and standards that can help your application look and feel like other Android applications, making it easier for users to work with and helping it gain acceptance in the marketplace.

Android Studio.

The Android Studio integrated development environment pulls together all the tools you need to write your Android application with the functions you need to test and debug it. Become familiar with Android Studio and take advantage of the features and shortcuts it provides to help you efficiently and effectively create bug-free code.

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