Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

The Right Way to Recruit Tech Pros Using Social Media

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The use of social media as a recruitment tool is fairly common. Many recruitment professionals use these systems to locate and screen candidates, reach out to those with potential, and build long-term relationships with skilled tech professionals. Additionally, companies use these outlets to post information about job openings and highlight everything they have to offer new employees.


But how do you use social media properly to find the technology pros you need with greater ease? By making sure you cover the following basics.

Provide Value

Many companies jump onto social media and just expect people to follow them, even without a good reason to do so. If you want to attract potential candidates to your social media sites, you need to provide something of value. Often, simply adding posts with useful information is enough to attract some interest, so just make sure you have more than ads for your products and services posted regularly on all your accounts.

Understand Hashtags

Your ideal candidates likely have certain priorities and points of interest. One way to get their attention is to create posts designed to draw them in and associating the information with hashtags relating to those areas. In most cases, upcoming tradeshows, news events and industry developments are quickly connected to a particular hashtag. By discovering what they are and writing posts that allow the use of the hashtag to feel organic, you can make a connection with potential job seekers who share that interest.

Involve Employees

Your current employees can be your biggest cheerleaders, and they aren’t only focused on the bottom line. By encouraging employees to share company information – including job vacancies – with their networks, you can reach a new audience with greater ease. Make sure they are focused on posts with substance by not considering them a source of additional advertising. Like your own posts, providing information with substance will attract more positive attention than having everyone push the same carefully crafted slogan.

Actively Connect

The purpose of social media is to be social, and this involves having actual conversations with other members of the community. Make sure to add personal touches to your content to show that there is an actual person behind the account and not a faceless automaton. And, if a person reaches out to your company, acknowledge them quickly and engage them directly.


However, it is also important to manage any messages being sent carefully. Take the time to review any posts before they go live, even if you are responding with a direct message. The comments you write today will live on for a long time, so a poorly chosen word or phrase can create a bad impression for those who see it directly, as well as anyone within their network with whom they choose to share. And that can hurt your recruiting efforts in both the short and long term.


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