Friday, Jan 13 2017

The Right Interview Questions to Ask Automation Engineer Candidates

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There are times when the interview process can feel frustratingly short. When you are interviewing candidates for an automation engineering position, you want to make sure you get all of the information you need as efficiently as possible. One way to ensure that happens is to ask the right questions during the interview.


But how do you know which questions will get to the core of what you need to know? Here are some interview questions that are sure to fit the bill.

What Automation Tools Are You Most Familiar With?

Not every automation engineer has gotten their hands on every available tool. By requesting an overview of the tools with which they are most comfortable will help determine whether they have the background required for the position.


Some automation tools have focused functionality. For example, Selenium and Watir automate browser-based applications. That means experience in that area won’t directly translate into tasks that require the testing of GUIs or APIs. However, someone familiar with tools offering a wider functionality, such as TestComplete, HP Unified Functional Testing Software, or Telerik TestStudio, may be considered more suitable for positions that require a wider range of potential applications.

Can You Write a Function That Determines…?

One of the easiest was to see someone’s skills on-the-fly is to request a demonstration. Make sure that the interview space has a whiteboard or other suitable surface and have every candidate complete a suitable request or two, similar to a basic pop quiz. Cover the specific skills that are fundamental to the position individually, or combine them for a single demonstration. Not only can this help ensure that the applicant has the skills required to do the job, but it also gives you an idea of how the react when put on the spot.

When Face with a Problem You Don’t Know How to Solve, What Do You Do?

This question segues fairly naturally from the prior demonstrations regardless of whether the candidate struggled. It also serves as an indicator of what their general problem-solving strategy would be and whether the approach matches stylistically with how the work environment generally operates. Ultimately, this is a question with no prescribed right or wrong, but it can be revealing nonetheless.

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

Here is a prompt that is valuable regardless of the position being filled. Even the most skilled automation engineers may struggle if there is not a suitable cultural fit with the organization at large. For example, if your management style focuses on empowering employees, then it won’t be a good fit for an employee that prefers specific direction.

How Would Your Current (Previous) Manager and Coworkers Describe You?

Similar to the previous prompt, this question is designed to determine a candidate’s likelihood of fitting into the section, department, or business at large. It will give indications regarding their work style as well as which traits they believe are more perceptible to those around them. Additionally, it lends itself to great honesty than self-assessments as the information is theoretically verifiable should you contact their references.

Narrow Down Your Candidate Pool with Skilled Recruiting

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