Wednesday, Mar 08 2017

The Most Effective Way to Staff Your Data Science Team

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Most companies are going battle with the talent gap, especially when it comes to highly desirable skills like data science. Generally, businesses don’t have nearly enough of these IT professionals on staff to fully leverage the data they have been collecting, and it can see as though it is only getting harder to find them. However, just finding a person with the right mix of skills and experience isn’t the only important point when staffing your data science team.


To help you create the strongest team possible, here are some additional things to consider whenever you look to hire.

Teamwork is Critical

In most cases, data scientists aren’t working alone. It is often the cumulative work of a team that brings about the best results, and that makes teamwork an essential part of the environment. So, before you hire an individual, imagine how they will fit in with a group of similarly skilled individuals and if they will increase the level of cohesion or disrupt it. Then, proceed accordingly based on that vision.

Allow Them to Focus

If you are hiring data scientists that will also have other IT duties, you may find them struggling to manage the data side of their job. IT professionals are often pulled in a variety of directions, especially if any part of their work mirrors that of a help desk.


Tech pros who directly support internal workers when they run into trouble can find it difficult to get the time required to focus on tasks as complex as data analysis. To get the most out of their data science skills, consider removing any extraneous duties from their plate. This could involve outsourcing tasks that can be managed by a third party or shifting the duties to other employees whose work can better stand the interruptions.

Invest in Systems

Your data science team can only be as strong as the systems they use allow them to be. If they are having to perform tasks by hand that could otherwise be automated when using a more sophisticated solution, they may be wasting valuable time that could be used for more productivity. Instead of setting them up to wrestle with their software, make the investment in something that facilitates their needs. Anything that makes a data scientist’s life easier at work will give them a chance to truly show off the skills for which they were hired.

Be Prepared to Listen and Learn

If you already have a member or two on your data science team, then it is important to seek their input regarding what the team needs. Even highly skilled professionals working in the field have their strengths and weaknesses or are stuck with time-consuming tasks that keep them from performing other duties.


By hearing which specific skills they feel will make the team operate more efficiently, you can make sure and focus recruiting in those areas. Then, not only are you creating a stronger team but a happier one as well.


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