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The Best Advice For Working With Tech Recruiters

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The Best Advice For Working With Tech Recruiters

Working with a recruiter can be a great way to streamline your hiring process. By offloading the preliminary screening to a recruiter, you remain focused on your business while the recruiter filters out the unqualified applicants. You and your team only need to take time away from your daily tasks when the recruiter finds a candidate who is a solid prospect for the job.

That's the ideal outcome. If you don't work effectively with your recruiter, though, you can end up seeing many potential hires who just aren't appropriate for the position. To make sure that doesn't happen, do the following:

Choose a recruiter with expertise in technology.

Tech jobs aren't like other jobs, and technical employees aren't like other employees. Choose a recruiter who understands technology, can use appropriate technical terminology, and understands what technical candidates want from their career.

Give the recruiter time.

There are times you contact the recruiter to meet an immediate need, like when a critical employee gives notice, but if you can start working with the recruiter before the need is urgent, you'll get better results. Contact a recruiter as soon as you know you'll have headcount opening up, even if it's not immediate.

Give the recruiter an accurate, detailed job description.

Don't just hand the recruiter a list of keywords and acronyms. Tell them about the level of expertise needed in each skill, and be clear about which skills are mandatory and which are optional. Also, let the recruiter know about the non-technical skills that are necessary for the job. Ask the recruiter to have candidates complete an online skills assessment, or have them ask the candidates a fixed set of simple technical questions (which you provide answers to) in order to guarantee a baseline of competence.

Give the recruiter feedback after candidate interviews.

If the candidates the recruiter sends over don't fit the job, don't simply tell the recruiter "No." Give detailed feedback about the skills and/or personality traits that made the candidate the wrong candidate. With that guidance, the recruiter can tailor their prescreening questions more effectively and increase the chances that the next candidate will be the right candidate.

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