Monday, Dec 05 2016

Ten Skills That Will Earn You a Higher Salary in 2017

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3 Tech Skills

Advancement in the IT field relies highly upon the specific skills you possess. Since the landscape is ever-changing, keeping yourself aligned with the most in-demand skills of today can give you the opportunity to find new possibilities and command higher salaries. To help you determine if your skills can translate into additional earnings in 2017, here are ten that are receiving a lot of attention by employers today.


1. Azure

Cloud computing is all the rage for its ability to house information and provide access to software across multiple devices. Microsoft Azure provides tools to make the management of mobile devices and big data easier for businesses of any size. That makes it a great skill to possess in today’s increasingly mobile workplace.

2. Big Data

Every business has data. Often, this combines segments that are contained in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured formats. Being able to bring all of the sources together for advanced analytics is a skill that will remain in demand for the foreseeable future. Candidates with the skills can often command higher salaries as the field is still relatively new.

3. Cassandra

Database management helps businesses coordinate and contain data from a variety of sources. Cassandra allows that information to be managed even when it resides on multiple servers. The open-source solution gives tech professionals the ability to tweak the software to fit the needs of the business, making experience with Cassandra highly desirable.

4. Cloud

Having a functional understanding of cloud services allows you to manage them more efficiently. As the number of cloud offerings increases, the demand for skilled professionals familiar with the system requirements and management procedures will continue to be in demand.


Project management in agile workplaces requires the right software support. JIRA provides developers a way to track issues and manage projects through each step of the development process. Being familiar with JIRA increases your opportunities with agile-oriented teams and workplaces, making it a strong option for those interested in increasing their employment or promotional opportunities.

6. Mobility

Workplaces are continually looking for ways to support worker mobility. Having experience in the management and deployment of mobile solutions, including smartphones and tablets, becomes more valuable as employees embrace alternatives to traditional computing devices.

7. Networking

As the number of device types in use across a network increases, having skilled network administrators is a necessity. Not only do you need to understand infrastructure, you also must have knowledge about creating a cohesive environment that contains different platforms and operating systems across a wider variety of form factors. The more familiar you are with creating solutions for environments including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones, the more opportunities you will find.

8. Salesforce

A workhorse in the corporate world, Salesforce provides a CRM solution that combines the efforts of multiple departments into a single tool. Since Salesforce can function as the sole solution for many business operations, having technical support personnel available who are familiar with the system creates new opportunities for candidates with Salesforce experience.

9. Security

You can hardly turn on a major news broadcast without hearing about another data breach. Companies of all sizes prioritize security in their tech hiring, making it an ideal skill set to possess.


Information security encompasses a large knowledge area, so options to specialize are plentiful. If you are building on your current IT career, consider which options best match your current area of expertise and proceed accordingly.

10. Spark

Since big data stormed onto the stage, it has become a priority for businesses across multiple industries. Being able to manage, maintain, and process the information requires specific skills. Spark is a tool seen in many organizations as a mechanism for handling large quantities of data and managing heavy traffic.


The sudden demand for Spark skills makes it an especially lucrative choice to increase earnings potential while working in the IT field.


If you currently possess any of these in-demand skills or are simply interested in new employment options, The Armada Group has the skills needed to match candidates with the best opportunities available in their field. Contact us and see where your skill set can take you.