Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

Technology Tools to Make Remote Work Easier

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Armada Group Remote Work

Working from home used to be a favor that a manager would occasionally grant under special circumstances. Today, working from home is an option that employees expect. As a result, teams need to communicate and collaborate effectively even though they're highly dispersed geographically. Making use of technology is key to helping these teams get their work done.


It isn't quite the same as meeting face to face, but video conferencing is an effective option. Many videoconferencing tools allow screen sharing as well, letting you look over someone's shoulder and see exactly what they're talking about. Some popular videoconferencing tools are Skype, Join.Me, GoToMeeting and WebEx.

File sharing

Working on shared work documents is difficult when the documents need to be emailed around and changes tracked and consolidated manually. File sharing sites like Dropbox, Box and GoogleDrive make documents accessible from anywhere, allow multiple users to access them simultaneously and track changes. Some sites support business rules and workflow, incorporating the documents into your business processes.

Google apps

Google's versions of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software make it possible to work on any business document from any device in any location.

Social media

Not Facebook, but enterprise social media platforms, like Yammer, that let teams have organized, trackable and searchable conversation threads that support getting work done rather than wasting time. The tools also encourage employees to connect and establish interpersonal relationships that can be difficult for remote staff to achieve otherwise.

Source code control

For tech companies, keeping a clean codebase is critical, especially if the team works remotely. GitHub is unquestionably the current industry standard for version management. The ability to fork and merge changes lets developers work creatively and independently but ultimately combine their efforts.

Another underrated tool? The telephone. In today's world, we tend to send messages and emails, but picking up the phone and talking is still a great way for remote workers to connect and interact with their peers.

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