Tuesday, Jul 19 2016

Tech Jobs Hit Highest Growth Rate In Years

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tech jobs hit highest

Today's world runs on technology, and right now is a great time to be a tech professional. Tech accounts for more than 10 percent of private sector employment, with close to seven million workers in the industry; there are another million self-employed tech workers. CompTIA, an industry association, recently produced a report that present encouraging news for those pursuing tech careers. Overall technology employment in 2015 grew three percent from the previous year.

Manufacturing Comeback

Even tech manufacturing, which had a decreasing trend over the past decade, experienced a gain in 2015. The largest gain was in computer and peripheral manufacturing, though control, semiconductors, and component manufacturers also increased their employment.

Core IT Services Dominate

But while manufacturing is showing slight signs of a turnaround, core IT employment continues to boom. The past five years have added close to half a million jobs to the economy. Much growth is driven by the rise in cloud computing, with the software-as-a-service sector adding more than 5,000 jobs in 2015, an increase of nearly two percent.

As the internet continues to be central to modern life, the internet is driving growth for IT workers in the telecom/internet services sector, with a growth rate of close to three percent.

Other industry trends influencing employment are the Internet of Things, mobile computing, and big data. Cybersecurity is also an area of high demand, given the constant rise of new forms of malware. Because of the challenges of keeping up with technical change, many companies turn to IT services for support, and as a result IT services experienced the largest increase in employment of any tech sector.

Wages Reflect Demand

Salaries for tech workers are growing along with the demand. Overall average technical salaries were $105,400 per year, an increase of more than a percent from the previous year. The average salary is twice the non-technical average salary. Within the tech industry, software's average salary was $142,500, followed by manufacturing at $108,100.

Take Advantage of the Trends

With the continued growth in technology employment, jobs are out there for tech workers with the skills and motivation to seek advancement. Explore The Armada Group's jobs list to see the opportunities that are out there, or contact us to discuss your background and interests. We'll work to match you to a position that gives you the chance to use your talents to their fullest.