Talent Consultation

We will provide you a Talent Consultation Workbook, containing 30 pages of tips, tools, checklists, and forms, that have been field-tested and proven to help hiring managers. You can work through these tools on your own time, or engage the help of an experienced Armada Talent Consultant to speed up the process.

armada-book-01Armada’s Talent Consultation is a proprietary methodology developed over the last 20 years. Our Talent Consultants will walk you through a process to help:

  1. Market your company & the opportunity in the best possible manner.
  2. Write high-impact job descriptions that will attract top talent.
  3. Articulate key candidate attributes, including technical skills, soft-skills, and cultural fit.
  4. Develop a set of great interview questions to evaluate prospective candidates.
  5. Train your team to better interview and evaluate potential candidates in a consistent manner with easy-to-use scorecards and forms.
  6. Ensure your team has a consistent, repeatable candidate evaluation process.
  7. Work most effectively with internal and external recruiters; and most importantly.
  8. Identify, recruit, evaluate and close on top talent as quickly as possible.

Please take a moment to send us your information, and an experienced Armada Talent Consultant will be in touch within the next business day: