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Whether you are an experienced web developer or relatively new to the field, at times, you are going to fail. Mistakes happen, but the results of those errors can be incredibly impactful. A misstep is often stressful, but panicking when one occurs can cloud your thinking, increasing your chances of making the situation worse. Instead of allowing that to happen, here’s how to recover when you make an error as a web developer.


Stop and Breathe

When your code suddenly starts throwing errors or takes down a substantial portion of the website, it’s easy to enter meltdown mode. But, before you let the crisis overwhelm you, it’s important to take a step back and breathe. This gives you a chance to re-center before you proceed, while allowing you an opportunity to realize that the mistake isn’t the end of the world.


Enter Decoding Mode

Now that you know a problem has occurred, you need to analyze the situation and identify the problem. Typically, this is the hardest part of many web developer’s jobs, as the source of the issue isn’t always obvious.


Whether you use debugging software or a more manual approach, it is important to take your time. If large segments of the code were written without being tested throughout the process, you could have a lot of information to comb through, so staying calm and proceeding methodically is crucial.


Additionally, you have to realize the error might not be in code you’ve written. Many web development projects combine the efforts of multiple developers, so the mistake could be located in someone else’s work. This means you have to review more than just your code to make sure you consider all the potential sources of the problem.


Talk to Your Co-workers

Some professionals are more prone to make certain kinds of errors than others, and communicating with each other can help you all identify patterns that may allow you to find the mistake faster. So, if you are trying to correct an issue, getting your teammates involved can speed up the process. Plus, it makes damage control efforts easier as more people are working toward the solution.


In some cases, having another set of eyes on the problem can also help, as you may overlook mistakes in your own code that others may spot with greater ease. Additionally, they may even be able to reassure you that the issue isn’t actually that bad, making it simpler to move forward.


Learn from the Mistake

Once you spot the bug, you are actually presented with a great learning opportunity. Determine what went wrong along the way and use that information to help you avoid similar errors in the future. With time, you’ll become a more capable web developer and will be able to identify mistakes more quickly, allowing you to up your skills and become more proficient.


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Bro Culture


With company culture being in the spotlight, creating the right environment for your employees is more critical than ever. The tech sector has been plagued by its reputation of lacking diversity and cultivating workplaces that aren’t as inclusive or diverse as they could be.


The prevalence of what has become known as “bro culture” harms diversity efforts and may lead some professionals – especially women, minorities and older workers – to leave the company or exit the field entirely based on their experience. In that regard, maintaining a bro culture ultimately harms your business. Here’s how.


It Isn’t Inclusive

Typically, a bro culture favors young men, even to the detriment of everyone else. Certain bad behaviors end up being tolerated, including inappropriate comments and jokes, that may offend employees who don’t fit into the bro culture segment. As their co-workers become uncomfortable with the environment, especially if they are left with little recourse or support from upper management, many flee the workplace.


This means you are missing out on great tech professionals simply because they don’t feel secure at work. Additionally, they tend to be passed over for promotional opportunities, harming their careers and their job satisfaction. You may lose top talent based on the company’s culture and perceived lack of support.


It Doesn’t Adapt to the Needs of Your Entire Workforce

Bro culture generally doesn’t consider the needs of those who may be in the minority when it comes to the environment or even benefits. For example, flexible work arrangements might not be available to women who give birth, or maternity leave may be lacking.


Regardless of whether the disparity is intentional or merely overlooked during the creation of compensation packages, the lack of support drives away workers who may require something that just isn’t being offered.


It Promotes Like-Mindedness

While co-workers having common ground can be beneficial, having a team who all share similar backgrounds and perspectives can limit your organization’s potential for innovation. Having a diverse staff means ideas will be introduced based on each employee’s unique experience and discussions will be livelier as a result of their differences.


It is true that these differing points of view can lead to conflict, but they also ensure that your company is benefiting from a larger cumulative world perspective, which can lead to the development of new products or services that will reach a broader market.


It Limits Your Candidate Pool

Unemployment among tech professionals is shockingly low, and having a less than stellar reputation means you may have even more trouble finding suitable job seekers to fill vacant positions. Being known for a bro culture, or simply not being inclusive, means some skilled candidates aren’t going to apply when you list a job, making your talent pool smaller than ever.


Eliminating your bro culture opens the door for a more diverse workforce and encourages a wider range of candidates to apply to work for your company, making it a wise business move overall.


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