Tech Conferences


For many, conference season is in full swing. These ventures can be costly but, with the proper planning, have a lot to offer IT managers in return. If you want to get the most out of your tech conference experience, here are some tips to help you manage these trips right.

Don’t Let Co-Workers Distract You

While many organizations can only send one person due to budget constraints or workload concerns, some companies try to send as many people as possible. While having more eyes on the ground may seem beneficial, most co-workers feel obligated to spend time together. This may serve as a great bonding experience but doesn’t mean you’ll get the most from the conference if it keeps you from being able to focus.


Additionally, coming in with a team may make it less likely you’ll connect with other people while you explore the conference. If you want to network, make sure your co-workers break away from time to time to allow everyone to meet new people and foster new relationships that could be beneficial.

Review the Session and Events Schedules

Before you even begin packing for the conference, take the time to review the session and other event schedules in advance. This gives you an opportunity to mark must-attend sessions and presentations first, giving you a framework for your time. Then, you can pencil in time for other activities, like exploring vendor offerings on the trade show floor. It will also let you know when you can safely break for meals or check in at the office without missing something important.

Ask Questions Often

To get the most out of a conference, you need to be prepared to ask questions along the way. Speakers, vendors, sponsors, and other attendees are often open to having conversations, so don’t shy away from approaching someone if you think they have valuable information you would like to learn.


And don’t feel limited by the content of a particular session or a specific product offering. If someone seems knowledgeable about a topic, ask for anything from book or blog recommendations to information about upcoming conferences they are interested in attending. You may learn something unexpected if you take a risk and branch out.

Split Up to Cover More Ground

If you attend the conference with other coworkers, considering dividing up sessions to help you access more information. By splitting up, you can attend more sessions and experience more collectively. This means your total amount of information acquired is higher and everyone has a somewhat different experience.


After the sessions are over for the day, consider meeting up for dinner and discussing key points about your conference experience. Not only can this make great meal-time conversation, but it also ensures everyone’s memories are fresh when they share details.


If you are interested in learning more about how to optimize your conference experience or are working to add a new member to your team, the professionals at The Armada Group can help. Contact us today to see how our expertise can work for you.