Security Threat


When people think of cybersecurity threats, they often focus on ransomware, DDoS attacks and phishing attempts. However, another risk exists for almost every company in operations: Former employees.


In a recent survey, only half of the IT decision-makers responding stated they were “very confident” that ex-employees couldn’t gain access to critical business systems, and a full 48 percent acknowledged that workers who were no longer on staff could access the network. In fact, 20 percent of those surveys stated their company experienced a data breach led by a former employee.


The Risk Associated With Former Employee Accounts

Failing to remove ex-employees access to critical systems is a major cybersecurity risk. When these accounts remain active, former staff members can use their old credentials to affect systems, remove data and cause other mayhem.


But, even knowing that, many businesses fail to remove ex-employee access immediately, and approximately 20 percent of those surveyed admitted it took longer than a month to get these privileges revoked.


What Causes the Delay?

Removing access immediately seems simple on the surface, but many companies struggle to do so. Why? Because the process is actually more time-consuming than many realize. For example, 70 percent of those surveyed said it could take up to one hour to remove a single employee’s access from the system. Many companies are aware of dozens of applications and access points that must be addressed during the removal process, and it is a cumbersome task to review them all.


Additionally, many businesses still have occurrences of hundreds of other applications of which they aren’t fully aware. This can include old software that is no longer in active use but was never formally removed. Often, these employee accounts slip through the cracks as they aren’t on anyone’s radar.


Another issue can be a disconnect between human resources personnel and IT professionals. Often, HR is considered the authority on who is and is not employed by the business. If the organization doesn’t have a formalized process for alerting IT to employee status changes, the department is likely unaware that removal actions are required.


Which Ex-Employees Pose a Risk?

While most companies focus on workers who were fired as their primary source of risk, those that leave voluntarily aren’t necessarily guaranteed not to be a problem as well. Additionally, even if a former employee means their previous employer no ill-will, that doesn’t ensure their credentials might not be incidentally used for malicious purposes.


For example, if the person moves on to a new company and uses the same credentials, that means a breach at their current company could provide criminals with the data they need to access your system as well.


To mitigate all of the risks above, it is critical to create formal procedures designed to remove ex-employee access as quickly as possible. If you would like to learn more, the skilled professionals at The Armada Group have the information you need. Contact us today.



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Great Leader


Companies frequently want to find candidates with exceptional leadership skills to fill open positions, but figuring out who has the chops when they haven’t previously worked in such a role can seem like a challenge. Luckily, there are qualities that indicate an applicant has the potential to be a great leader even if they’ve never been in a management position. Here are six traits to keep an eye out for when evaluating candidates.


  1. Self-Motivated Skills Development

Most leaders aim to keep their skills up to date and improve their capabilities. Candidates who pursue opportunities to develop professionally are likely to possess these characteristics. To discover who has these inclinations, ask the interviewee for examples of how they’ve improved their skills. That will let you know who is truly dedicated to the field as well as personal growth.


  1. A Willingness to Make Tough Calls

To be a strong leader, a person must be fearless when making decisions. These candidates often aren’t afraid of the occasional misstep as long as it helps move things forward. You can identify these individuals by having them speak about instances when they had to make a tough call and how they approached the decision-making process.


  1. Pursuit of Feedback

Those interested in progressing understand that gathering feedback regarding their performance is an important step. Potential leaders will often seek out feedback to give them a basis for improvement. Ask candidates to discuss a time when they sought such input and how they reacted to the news once feedback was received.


  1. A Dynamic Personality

Leaders need to be able to engage with and motivate their teams, and that requires a certain kind of personality. While being a bit anxious during an interview is normal, those with leadership potential will still clearly show their personality during the process.


  1. Emotional Intelligence

In any workplace, emotional intelligence is something leaders need to possess. This allows them to view issues from the perspective of others and make smart decisions based on the emotions behind actions. This interpersonal soft skill can be hard to gauge, so asking candidates to recall a time when they used emotional intelligence to handle a situation in the workplace can be an ideal way to gain valuable insight into their capabilities.


  1. A Focus on Quality

Members of the leadership team must make the quality of their results a priority, and those with an inclination to strive for excellence often possess the necessary drive to do so. Have candidates discuss examples or metrics that clearly show their dedication to quality and you can likely identify the leader your business needs.


By focusing on the traits above, you can spot a great leader even if the person has never officially been a member of a leadership team. If you would like assistance during your search for an exceptional candidate for your open positions, the team at The Armada Group can connect you with top talent in their field. Contact us today to see how our services can make it easier to find the qualities you need in an ideal employee.



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