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Why Tech Pros are Happier with Remote Work

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Why Tech Pros are Happier with Remote Work


If you ask a tech pro to describe a work environment that makes them happy, a cubicle is not likely the answer they are going to provide. Often, traditional workplaces are plagued by interruptions and distractions, making it hard to focus on detail-oriented tasks. If you add in issues like frequent, and often spontaneous, meetings, it is no surprise that many IT workers would prefer to work remotely.

Plus, remote work makes goals like work-life balance and flexibility easier to manage. Since many tech professionals have the technical skills necessary to connect remotely and handle their tasks, they are also well-suited to the demands associated with telecommuting, which can make it more enticing.

If you are wondering why tech pros are happier with remote work, here are some key insights.

Work-Life Balance

When a tech pro has the ability to work remotely, they get a lot of flexibility regarding their location. Often, this includes the option to complete their tasks from home.

Even if they need to be available during standard work hours, this approach makes it possible for them to eliminate their commute entirely, potentially saving them several hours on the road each day. That alone can increase job satisfaction, even if they can only telecommute a few times each month.

However, if flexible schedules are included in the arrangement, giving them the ability to finish their tasks during odd hours as well as during the day, work-life balance is enhanced even further. They can accommodate personal obligations – ranging from taking children to school to doctor’s appointments – with ease, all without having to take leave. As a result, they can increase productivity while addressing their responsibilities.


Distraction Reduction

Working from home options usually cause leaders to worry that productivity will fall. Since employees are not subject to the same level of oversight when they are not in the office, some fear that they will slack off.

However, productivity is usually improved when remote work is allowed. Tech pros are not subject to the same distractions – like coworkers stopping by for chats, spontaneous meetings, and ambient noise – that can pull them away from their work.

Instead, they have control over their environment. They are not forced to endure the sounds emanating from other cubicles or random passersby. Plus, coworkers are not likely to discuss no work matters when a person is not at the office, increasing the remote worker's ability to remain focused.

Ultimately, telecommuting and remote work options increase job satisfaction and allow tech professionals to keep up with their duties with greater ease, all while making it simpler to manage their personal lives. As a result, these employees tend to be happier than their counterparts, something that can also enhance your recruitment and retention efforts.


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