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Why Some Companies Are Offering Green Cards to Attract H-1B Contractors

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Why Some Companies are Offering Green Cards to Attract H 1B Contractors


Companies are fiercely competing for top talent, including highly skilled foreign workers. Much to the chagrin of American IT pros, some businesses have begun offering green cards to foreign professionals who are willing to come to the US through the H-1B visa program.

Some of these companies are simply offering green cards to foreign workers. Others are going a step further, beginning the process on behalf of H-1B visa holders during the first year of employment with the organization.

If you are wondering why businesses are taking this step, here’s what you need to know.

It’s All About Recruitment and Retention

Getting access to a green card can be a boon for a foreign worker. It essentially gives them the ability to stay in the United States permanently. As a result, if the foreign professional dreams of spending the rest of their life in America, it is a very attractive part of an employment offer.

However, assisting with green cards does more than just help with recruitment; it can also bolster retention. While the most obvious benefit is that the foreign worker can remain in the country longer, making it easier for them to stay an employee, it can also create an increased sense of loyalty to the organization. Since the company assisted them with achieving permanent status in the United States, that positive association may make them less likely to seek out opportunities with competitors even when they are free to do so.

Offering paths to a green card also decrease anxiety for foreign workers. The H-1B visa program has faced increased scrutiny over recent years, and some skilled professionals may be worried about participating as a result. When the ability to get a green card is part of the deal, it provides additional peace of mind, making that company a more attractive option.


They Are Willing (and Able) to Invest to Access Skilled Foreign Workers

In many cases, companies that offer green card options to foreign professionals aren’t just opening up a pathway for staying in the United States permanently; they are also opening their wallets. More often than not, the organization who sponsors the foreign employee pays for all of the fees associated with getting a green card, at least up front.

It isn’t uncommon for companies to use payback agreements as a means of lowering financial risk. With these arrangements, should a foreign worker whose fees were paid by the business quit before a specific date, they would be responsible for reimbursing the company. However, if the employee finishes the contract, they are able to leave at their discretion.

Ultimately, companies are using green cards as an incentive when they want to secure foreign employees. It is costly, but some organizations are willing to shoulder the financial burden as the war for top talent rages on.


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