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Why is Data Engineering a Top Trending Job in 2019?

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Why is Data Engineering a Top Trending Job in 2019


Data engineering has been a top trending job for some time. In 2019, companies continue to seek out professionals for data engineering positions. According to one study, there was an 88.3 percent increase in the number of job postings featuring the phrase “data engineer” over a 12-month period. As a result, data engineer is considered the top trending job so far this year.

If you are wondering why data engineering remained in the top spot, here’s what you need to know.


Data is Still King

An increasing number of companies rely heavily on their data. Additionally, they are collecting information in droves, giving them a lot of data at their disposal. However, they can only get insights from their data if they have the right professionals on staff. This leads many of them to seek out professionals with data engineering skills, ensuring they can make the most of one of the company’s most valuable assets.

While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are making it easier to organize and analyze data, these systems typically aren’t robust enough on their own to eliminate the need for data professionals. Additionally, the solutions might not be capable of handling a variety of critical tasks, such as designing the needed databases or addressing infrastructure issues that can be a part of the data management process.

Since data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, companies will focus on it for the foreseeable future. This creates new opportunities, further increasing demand for data engineers.


Skills Shortage

Even as demand for data-oriented professionals rises, not enough people are entering the field to meet the needs of employers. This has essentially led to a skill shortage, particularly when it comes to complex data collection and analysis abilities.

Since there aren’t enough professionals to go around, companies are searching far and wide in hopes of landing top talent. This increases the odds that they will use certain resources, like job boards, to hunt down the skilled tech pros they need, leading to a rise in the number of posts that feature phrases like “data engineer” or “data engineering.”

Further, recent graduates may not have enough experience to meet the specific needs of many companies. While the availability of data engineering professionals is generally low, this is especially true at higher levels. Couple this with shockingly low unemployment numbers for tech professionals and organizations are having to aggressively recruit top talent for nearly every level of position, particularly those that cross the entry-level threshold.

Competition is also incredibly fierce due to the shortage. Companies are having to compete for the limited number of available professionals, so many make their recruitment efforts more public as a result.


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Ultimately, data engineering is a top trending job today and may remain so for the long-term. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Armada Group can help. Contact usto speak with one of our recruiters today and see how our expertise can benefit you.