Monday, Aug 14 2017

Why Cloud Security Software Engineers Make the Big Bucks

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Cloud solutions are becoming a new standard in business. Over half of the organization that participated in a recent survey have adopted a hybrid cloud solution, and nearly 80 percent of IT budgets now have funds committed to the acquisition and maintenance associated with cloud-based solutions. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that cloud service providers are looking for security software engineers to secure the solutions they offer to clients.


Professionals focused on cloud security software engineering can bring in substantial paychecks thanks to low unemployment among tech workers and the specific skills required to perform the job. Here’s what you need to know about this profession and why it could be a lucrative choice.

Unemployment Rates are Shockingly Low

Tech professionals, in general, are seeing salaries rise thanks to staggeringly low unemployment rates. Nationally, IT unemployment was listed at just 2.5 percent during the first quarter of 2017, a level that would typically be considered full employment. But certain security-oriented professions have unemployment levels below that, with cyber security unemployment reaching the most shocking point of 0 percent.


To entice job seekers to apply, companies are having to offer better compensation than their competitors, and the combination of increased adoption of cloud services and low unemployment means security software engineers are well-positioned when it comes to securing a bigger paycheck.

Skill Requirements

Cloud security software engineers need a range of competencies and prior experiences to meet the needs of employers, and that skill set doesn’t come cheap for companies looking to hire. Development skills, expertise in the creation of scalable, distributed software systems, OOP tool development, and RESTful services infrastructure experience are all being sought, but aren’t always easy to find.


Companies may also look for a familiarity with a range of platforms including Amazon AWS, Google Computer, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack as well as an understanding of TCP/IP networking. And the more advanced the professional’s skill set needs to be, the higher the salary the individual may be able to secure.


These requirements are on top of the needed IT security skills and standard software development experience, creating a unique combination that isn’t possessed by the masses.

Industry Awareness

Like much of IT, the world of cloud security is ever-evolving. Companies want to find professionals who proactively stay current regarding applicable trends and new developments. In many cases, this means they are seeking top performers who are traditional self-motivated and passionate about the topic.


Just as like the right hard skills can be difficult to acquire, professionals with the proper soft skills and personalities aren’t always plentiful. To get the best and brightest to apply, businesses have to offer top dollar to peak their interest.


If you are interested in learning more about cloud security software engineering or want to find a position in the field, the team at The Armada Group can help you explore lucrative opportunities in your area. Contact us today to see how your skills can translate into big bucks in the field of cloud security.