Monday, Jan 08 2018

What Tech Pros Need to Know About the Future of Employment

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With technologies like AI and machine learning playing a larger role in the business world and an increased focus on mobility, the tech job market is experiencing some shifts that are expected to continue into 2018. Additionally, as more technologies are implemented in nearly every industry, opportunities for IT professionals will likely be plentiful.


However, there are a few disruptions that must be considered if you intend to find a new position this year. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about the future of tech employment.


Job Creation is Expected

The ever-increasing role of technology in business means new opportunities in tech and other industries is expected, leading to more opportunities for IT professionals. Job seekers with in-demand skills, such as those associated with data science and software development, may be particularly well-positioned to take advantage of this growth, especially when it comes to securing a higher salary.


As new innovations arise, the potential for finding unique roles based on emerging technology could also grow, though exactly where this will happen can be hard to predict.



AI is Changing How Businesses Operate

AI-supported automation is becoming more common in the workplace, fundamentally changing which duties are being completed by employees and which are being handled by complex systems. Advances in this area are expected to impact nearly every industry, but it also means that new opportunities are being created for tech pros who have skills in AI and machine learning.


Support for Mobile Job Applications Will Increase

Even as job seekers become more reliant on their smartphones, not all sites have embraced mobile job applications. However, this is expected to change somewhat in 2018, with more companies supporting the technology. It may take time for it to become common, but don’t be surprised if your job search activities end up easier to manage, even if you are on the go.


Hiring Process Transparency

Even now, sending in a job application online can feel like you are chucking your resume into a blackhole. But, with candidates demanding more insight into these processes, 2018 may bring about increased transparency, including real-time updates on the status of applications. This may alleviate some of the stress that typically accompanies job hunt activities as applicants won’t be left in the proverbial dark.


Role Experimentation

One effort that could be attributed to the increased importance of company culture is expanding opportunities to experiment outside of an employee’s current role. Businesses are becoming more open to the idea of letting workers branch out and explore their passions as a method of gaining access to new skills and reducing turnover. This shift means career development activities may become more accessible on the job, allowing tech professionals to explore new technologies and expand their knowledge base.


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