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What Is "New Collar" Tech and Is It Right for You?

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What is New Collar and is it right for you


For many, the technology field is incredibly enticing. However, if you do not have a Bachelor’s degree, you may assume that there are not many options you can explore. In reality, you may just need to take a look at a “new collar” job if you want to make the leap into tech without formal education.

What is “New Collar” Tech?

A termed that was created by Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM, “new collar” refers to positions that prioritize skills over formal education, many of which come with higher salaries. Companies that embrace this concept have begun dropping educational requirements from their vacancy announcements. Instead, when hiring, they put emphasis on the skills you bring to the table, regardless of where they were earned.


Why Are “New Collar” Opportunities Increasing?

Companies have been doing battle with skill gaps for years, especially since unemployment among tech professionals remains low and there isn’t a strong enough influx of new college graduates to replace outgoing workers. This makes the landscape highly competitive, so many had to rethink how they approached job requirements when trying to land new hires.

As a result, many organizations became more open-minded when it came to how candidates acquired their skills. While a college education is still valuable, they also acknowledge that personal development, boot camps, and other mechanisms can be effective ways to grow professionally, allowing them to view these as alternatives to the traditional approach.

Essentially, businesses are fighting for top talent and have decided that redefining what it takes to be a qualified professional was critical for their success. This is especially true in cities that are outside of the larger technology hubs, where the number of available candidates tends to be smaller than in the traditional markets, and for smaller companies that don’t have the same talent pipelines as major firms.


What Do You Need to Land a “New Collar” Role?

Since new collar positions hire based on skill sets instead of formal education credentials, having in-demand skills coupled with hands-on experience is the easiest way to get started. Exactly what is required depends on the individual role, particularly since the technology field is especially vast.

For example, if you are interested in programming, then developing your coding skills in a boot camp or through free online resources could do the trick. However, you will need examples that showcase your capabilities, regardless of how you learned a particular language.

Similarly, personal projects, side hustles, and volunteer positions can increase your experience level (while also giving you solid examples of your work). It shows you can use your skills in a practical, real-world way, which is something hiring managers look for when selecting candidates for these positions.


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