Friday, Jun 23 2017

What Are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 2017?

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10 Tech Skills


While IT professionals in almost every specialty are seeing increased demand thanks to low unemployment, certain skill sets are more lucrative than others in today’s job market. If your goals are to find a new tech position with one of the top companies in the area, here are the skills that are gaining the most attention in 2017.


A classic programming language in the web development community, Javascript is as hot today as it ever was. In fact, more lines of code are written in Javascript on a daily basis than in any other language. Even though it is widely used and relatively well-known, its versatility makes it a highly desirable skill. Add to that the fact it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and it can be a suitable competency start with for those looking to break into the web development field.


Not to be confused with Javascript, Java is a popular programming language often in use in e-commerce and in back-end operations in many businesses. In many cases, Java is considered a requirement for many software engineer or developer positions, and that profession is one of the most in-demand specialties today.


Java skills are highly prized since much of the code can be written once and applied to a range of environments, which is a level of efficiency most other programming languages simply can’t beat.


Another programming language that has gained recognition based on its use in the data science and in back-end web application development community is Python. With data analytics and web-based development remaining popular in the business world, understanding Python will likely lead to lucrative employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.


While this programming language previously saw demand fall, Matlab is experiencing a resurgence thanks to big data. The fact that it hasn’t regained its position as an in-demand competency until recently, many professionals who possess the skill may be able to market their ability as a somewhat unique addition to their resume, helping you stand out from the crowd.


As long as data remains a kind in the world of business, SQL will be a sought-after skill. The quintessential way for interacting with relational databases, professionals who can use SQL to run queries, create reports, and generate insights are positioned to see some excellent employment opportunities throughout 2017 and beyond.


With the cloud representing cost savings and increased efficiency to many businesses, professionals adept at managing key areas of cloud storage, computing, and application development are positioned to do well in a variety of sectors. And, since the use of the cloud spans most industries, opportunities may arise in almost any company in the country.


While the skills listed above represent some of the most in-demand competencies, that doesn’t mean your experience can’t be translated into new opportunities this year. If you are interested in furthering your IT career by landing a new job, the professionals at The Armada Group can connect you with employers looking for professionals just like you. Contact us today.