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Want to Be a Lead Android Engineer? Add These Skills to Your Resume!

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Lead Android Engineer


The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Nearly every professional has a smartphone with them practically 24/7, and many prefer their handheld devices to desktops and laptops. As a result, opportunities to advance your Android engineer career are more plentiful, including the chance to become a lead.

However, to land a job as a lead Android engineer, you do need to bring the right skills to the table. If you are ready to take the leap, here are the skills you need to add to your resume.

Programming Languages, Frameworks, and APIs

Creating mobile applications in a lead role makes strong development skills a must. In most cases, you will need to be fluent in specific languages, frameworks, and APIs, particularly Java, JNI, and RESTful. Otherwise, you may struggle to keep up with projects that end up in your hands.


Ability to Navigate Resource Constraints

While smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly powerful and robust, they still have limitations. Battery life is a common issue that needs to be considered as an application that draws too much power is burdensome to the end user. Similarly, network availability can be problematic if subpar coverage hinders the user’s ability to use an app.

Memory management is also a critical part of the development process. Smartphones, depending on the model, can have somewhat limited capacities. As a result, being able to create applications that can function on every device present in your workplace can be challenging, so you need to have the right level of experience to ensure the success of a project.

Understanding typical resource constraints and knowing how to navigate them are critical skills if you want to become a lead Android engineer. That way, you can create applications that do not tax the device unnecessarily, and that can function properly at all times.


Problem-Solving Skills

Every lead Android engineer needs exceptional problem-solving skills. Not only do you need the ability to troubleshoot issues with existing applications, but you also need the ability to debug new code, including apps created by members of your team.


Knowledge of Google’s Android User Interface Guidelines

The ability to create a user interface (UI) that is both functional and intuitive is a major part of a lead Android engineer’s role. Knowing how to use icons, menus, tabs, lists, and status bars correctly serves as a foundation. This means you need a solid understanding of Google’s Android User Interface Guidelines, ensuring you can keep them in mind during the application’s development.


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Ultimately, if you possess all of the knowledge, experience, and skills listed above, you could land a role as a lead Android engineer. If you are interested in becoming a lead Android engineer, the staff at The Armada Group can help you explore your options. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable recruitment team today and see how our career development expertise can benefit you.