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Job Search Behaviors That Will Kill Your Chances Before You Start

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Job Search Behaviors That Will Kill Your Chances Before You Start


Even if you are highly skilled and have a substantial amount of experience, a job search can be challenging. If you have your eyes on an incredibly coveted role, you may face additional competition. As a result, even small missteps can have serious consequences, causing you to miss out on your dream job.

When you are facing this much pressure, you may be more likely to make a mistake. It is hard to think through stress, so you may commit a faux pas based on a simple oversight or speaking before you had a chance to consider the potential consequences. In most cases, a small misstep isn’t going to significantly hurt your odds of being selected.

However, there are some job search behaviors that can destroy your chances quickly. Here is a look at some major job search mistakes that could cost you and how to avoid them.

Neglecting Your Cover Letter or Resume

Not taking the time to target your resume to the position is always a bad move. Often, applications are initially screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS), so failing to integrate the proper keywords means you could be screened out before the hiring manager even sees your resume.

Similarly, if your resume is viewed by the hiring manager, they typically only spend a few seconds deciding if you should remain in contention. If the content doesn’t speak directly to the requirements outlined in the vacancy announcement, your application may be discarded.

Failing to supply a cover letter if there is a spot to upload it is also a mistake. Not only does this give you additional space to showcase why you are an ideal candidate, but it lets you provide context that may not fit in your resume. Even if a cover letter is listed as “optional,” you should view it as a necessity, and customize the content to be relevant to that specific position.


Being Too Creative on a Non-Creative Position Resume

Using a unique resume format, graphics, or other non-standard resume elements may seem like a great way to stand out. However, many ATS systems have issues assessing resumes with non-standard content and formats, so you might be screened out simply because the ATS can’t understand what you’ve provided.

Similarly, an overly creative resume may make you seem weird or unprofessional, depending on the hiring manager’s perspective. Unless the job itself is highly creative in nature, submitting a quirky resume is usually a big risk that may not result in a reward.


Your Follow-Up is Too Aggressive

Not hearing back after you submit a resume can be disappointing. In some cases, you may assume that moving on is the best move. In others, you may decide to make a single follow-up phone call or send one email to see if you can get an update. All of these responses are reasonable, and wouldn’t hurt your chances of being selected.

However, if you big making a series of follow-up calls, send multiple emails even though you haven’t gotten a response to the previous ones, or others keep aggressively trying to get an answer, your chances of being selected diminish greatly.

Hiring managers don’t want to go forward with candidates who seem overly aggressive or pushy. Even if you could be a great fit, you’ve made yourself bothersome, high maintenance, or worse in the hiring manager’s eyes. As a result, they probably won’t answer back and will almost certainly go with someone else.


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