Monday, Dec 25 2017

How to Write Your Resume at the Executive Level Regardless of Your Role

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Regardless of your current position or what role you have your eye on, certain tips relating to executive resumes can actually benefit job seekers at any level. Some of the approach is less conventional than traditional resume design, but the results can be incredibly compelling, especially to hiring managers who are drowning in a sea of like resumes.


To help you stand out from the crowd, here are some executive resume tips that anyone can use to help propel their careers forward.


Use an Executive Summary

When you want to showcase your most significant accomplishments and draw attention to why you are such a great candidate, writing an executive summary is an ideal way to start. This gives you the opportunity to (carefully) brag about your achievements, skills, and experience while helping to establish your professional image on paper.


Normally, this is located at the top of your resume, so you want it to be enticing. It helps draw hiring managers in, making them more intrigued about the details contained below, so make creating a strong summary a priority.


Describe Your Experience the Right Way

Most job descriptions on resumes feature a mish-mosh of duties, accomplishments, and skills. But failing to separate these points properly makes it difficult to craft a narrative about your career.


Instead of leaving anything inadvertently unstructured or resulting to uninspiring lists, begin by describing a particular challenge you faced followed by what actions and skills were required on your part, and close with an overview of the results. This makes it easier to turn your experiences into a story that is easier to connect with and follow.


Don’t Neglect the Formatting

Many job seekers use bullet points to help organize lists, but a proliferation of the bullets can leave a resume looking cluttered. Before you submit a resume, review the document in its entirety to determine if the number of bullet points could be viewed as excessive. If so, examine the content of each line to eliminate anything that may be redundant and relocate details about accomplishments or duties that are better suited to other areas, like the summary.


Ultimately, you want a solid mix of content types and a reasonable amount of whitespace. Make sure to review the look of your resume to make sure it appears balanced and easy to read.


Have Someone Else Review It

Sometimes, it’s difficult to take an honest look at your own work, so enlisting the assistance of someone else can be beneficial. Professionals working in the hiring and recruiting space are particularly well-suited to this task, as they are familiar with common trends that may be relevant to your situation.


If you are looking for a new position, the professionals at The Armada Group can make sure your resume is in order while connecting you with coveted job opportunities in the area. Contact us to see how our services can help you during your search today.