Wednesday, Jul 19 2017

How to Stand Out in a VR Job Interview

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For many IT professionals, the idea of working in a cutting-edge sector like virtual reality is very enticing. Many believe the technology has the ability to changes lives in notable ways, and we may just be starting to understand its full potential in the business world. As the VR space gains traction, more job opportunities are likely to arise. If you want to land one of these coveted positions, here’s some advice on how to stand out in a VR job interview.

Acquire the Skills

Every IT specialty has its own mix of must-have skills, and VR is no exception. However, those with a basic programming background are well-positioned to shift into this field, and other tech pros can choose to pursue the needed competencies as well.


Due to the nature of VR environments, 3D modeling is a big component of the work. Experience with programming languages like C and C++ are also practically a necessity, and an understanding of game development and graphics can be useful as well.


And understanding of PC and mobile technologies is helpful, as many VR systems connected to these devices. Optics, one of the newer skill sets, can also ensure you stand out from the competition.

Gain Market Awareness

While VR and the gaming industry are obvious matches, the technology also has potential well beyond entertainment offerings. The architecture, construction, and engineering industries can all benefit from 3D renderings, as well as the education, medical, and military sectors. VR has the potential to create advanced simulations and training technologies, making them interesting to more businesses than you may initially realize.


Understanding how a VR professional could create unique solutions for a range of companies demonstrates industry and market awareness and is something other candidates may neglect to cover. It can also help you think creatively when it comes to envisioning just what the technology could do for your target company, allowing you to present more opportunities to which the business can take advantage.

Make the Connections

As more hiring managers turn to social media to get information about candidates, connecting with other professionals in the field can do more than help you find new opportunities; it can show you are interested in the industry on a personal level. When you want to demonstrate enthusiasm, having a feed filled with articles about new developments and updates on area conferences can make a strong impression. And, if you read through the materials and attend the meetings, you’ll have more talking points to cover during your interview.


VR is still a fledgling field, but every advantage you can maintain in your interview arsenal may help you land one of these positions. So, make sure to stay on top of industry trends, and consider how new developments can benefit the company before you meet with hiring managers. That way, you can present new and exciting ideas, and support them with a strong skill set designed to help you turn them into realities.


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