Monday, Oct 02 2017

Boost Your Employee Recognition Program by Leveraging Metrics

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Employee Recognition


In the age of technology, it’s surprising that many companies aren’t leveraging available systems to improve their employee recognition programs. A variety of solutions can help make the administration of such ventures more effective, making it easier for workers to choose from multiple reward options and submit peers or subordinates for consideration.


The ability to structure awards around specific goals and the opportunity to monitor progress also create value in incentive-based plans while ensuring all staff members are acknowledged for the accomplishments. By using metrics, you can make sure your recognition program is fair and that every employee is recognized at the right time, too. Here’s what you need to know about leveraging metrics to boost your program.


Increased Opportunities

Failing to use technology to support employee recognition programs often leads to missed opportunities. Not only could you overlook important activities that deserve acknowledgment, but you may also bypass chances to improve overall engagement along the way.


By tracking activities and providing mechanisms for social recognition, you can stay apprised of worker actions that are worthy of attention. You can also watch your program in action based on both inputs from management and other employees, allowing you to see when rewards are given or recommended and why. This provides you with powerful insights into your program which can help shape its development in the future.


Success Ratings

Using metrics also allows you to observe how successful certain portions of your recognition plan are, based on the frequency at which employees are acknowledged and what reward options are selected. If certain forms of recognition are used more often than others, this lets you know what workers and managers prefer, allowing you to streamline the system by removing unused options. You can also spot holes in the program, such as which tasks aren’t being acknowledged as often as they should, and use the information to keep management informed about missed opportunities.



By using the available metrics, you’ll also identify training opportunities for management and other staff members. For example, if a particular department doesn’t have the level of recognition actions as one would expect, you can look into the issue further to determine the cause. If the problem resides with management failing to spot chances for acknowledgment, they can be trained to improve their techniques and approach. When the issue lies with employee performance, you can explore the root of the problem to determine if additional action, such as training or recruitment, is needed to bring everything up to par.


Technology directed at employee recognition programs provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to steer the direction of your company and improve internal processes. Plus, you can identify which approaches are yielding the most positive results, allowing you to shift your investment in the program according to interest and demand.


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