Monday, Jul 23 2018

Are You a Millennial Tech Pro? Here’s What Could be Holding Your Career Back

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Every generation is unique, particularly when it comes to the values they hold dear and common behaviors, such as how they prefer to communicate. While certain traits typically associated with Millennials should be considered strengths, others make actually hold you back as you work to forge a career in tech.


If you are a Millennial tech pro and are wondering if some of the characteristics of your generation are holding your career back, here’s what you need to know.


Hard Work Doesn’t Guarantee Anything

Many members of the Millennial generation were raised to believe that by working hard their employer will take care of them. This leads many Millennial tech pros to put nearly all of the energy into work in hopes that it will help them get ahead. However, that doesn’t necessarily transpire.


When the hard work doesn’t pay off in the way they expect, many Millennials become frustrated and disappointed. However, many fail to realize that there are other mechanisms that control raises and promotions, particularly at large tech firms.


While being a diligent employee is certainly smart from a career perspective, it’s unwise to assume that a company will automatically reward you for your efforts beyond your current paycheck. Millennials need to, instead, learn to navigate the organization or larger industry. This can include anything from discussing what it takes to get a raise or promotion with a manager or seeking out new opportunities outside of the company.



Focusing on Happiness Can be a Mistake

Many Millennials bounce from one job to the next in hopes of finding a role that makes them happy. However, the misconception that work should be fun can hinder their careers.


Ultimately, as the old adage goes, if work was fun, then companies wouldn’t have to pay people to do the job. While it isn’t impossible to be happy at work, seeking out situations that provide a sense of contentment or an environment they find generally pleasant would be a better approach.


Typically, in a suitable job, some fun will certainly be had, but it isn’t going to be the standard. By lowering this expectation to simple contentment, it can help a position feel more satisfying. Plus, it is a much more realistic goal, which can alleviate the stress of chasing something that may be impossible to find.


Still Relying on the Traditional Career Ladder

Millennials were often raised by parents who could clearly map out their future thanks to traditional career ladders. This leads many of Gen Y to assume that similar paths are still available today, but that isn’t always the case.


Modern workplaces rely less on standard transitions from one rung to the next. Instead, employees are rewarded for accomplishments, acquiring new skills, and blazing their own trails.


While certain progression patterns still exist, the path between point A and point B isn’t as defined. As a Millennial tech pro, if you want to move your career forward, you have to take control of your career by seeking out new opportunities and not just waiting for them to simply appear at your feet.


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