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What Makes a Successful IT Professional?

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What Makes a Successful IT Professional

With the demand for skilled tech workers increasing, many of today’s IT professionals are able to enjoy challenging and lucrative careers. Of course, in every industry there are some pros more successful than others. So what’s the recipe for IT success?

Below are some of the characteristics shared by successful IT professionals across many different fields and career paths. Cultivate these qualities, and you can enjoy a long and rewarding career as an IT pro.

Successful IT pros love technology — and share the love

It’s a given that everyone performs better when they’re doing what they love. The best IT pros have a demonstrable passion for technology, and it’s often contagious. If you’re excited about your work, that excitement rubs off on your co-workers, your supervisors, your customers, and everyone you engage with professionally — which means they enjoy working with you and want to get involved.

As an expansion of passion for technology, successful tech professionals are happy to share their knowledge and skills with others. IT pros who believe their knowledge is too valuable to share aren’t going to get very far — but those who share and help others are able to build loyalty, enhance their professional reputation, and win promotions.

Successful IT pros understand the business

With the world relying more on technology every day, you can find IT professionals in just about every industry — from tech companies to retail, finance to food service, manufacturing to education. One of the key aspects shared by successful tech pros is a thorough understanding of not just IT, but the particular industry they work in.

One of the most sought-after qualities in IT pros is the ability to break down concepts to a non-tech level, and communicate the value of IT services or solutions to key people who don’t work in IT, such as customers, shareholders, and other departments. This requires a strong business understanding and knowledge of how your work relates to other functions of your industry.

The top IT pros are skilled business professionals who know a lot about technology. With a comprehensive knowledge of your industry, you can deliver superior solutions and more innovation, which enhances both your reputation and your value as a professional.

Successful IT pros know (almost) everything, but specialize in something

One of the most effective paths to IT success is specialization. Regardless of your actual position, if you’re the best in your field, you’ll find greater success than a well-rounded tech generalist. So if you’re a data communications pro, your focus should be on knowing everything about the hardware and software that sends and receives data. If you’re a project manager, you should be exceptional at leading projects and people.

However, no IT position functions in a vacuum — so it’s equally important to be proficient in the areas that relate to your expertise. For example, a successful top Java programmer will have a strong working knowledge of database design and stored procedures. The best project managers will understand software development and testing. With the complexity of modern business, IT pros must understand all the components that feed into their specialties.

Successful IT pros love a good challenge

Technology can be extremely complex, and every IT pro faces challenges and problems on a regular basis. Rather than letting themselves become frustrated and stressed, the best tech professionals view problems as learning opportunities, and face new challenges with excitement at the possibilities.

Even technical problems that appear impossible at the start can help you broaden your horizons and increase your skills, knowledge, experience, and problem-solving capabilities. Continual learning is an important part of facing challenges — with the rapid pace of IT evolution, there is always some new platform, language, or tool that can impact your job and your industry.

To be successful in IT, keep learning and loving what you do — and share that passion with others. Employers will notice your skills and enthusiasm, and you’ll find yourself cultivating a rewarding career in technology.

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