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Tech Jobs: What to Expect in 2016

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Armada Dec Tech Jobs What to Expect in 2016

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to find a better job, the good news is that's a resolution you can keep. Here's a look at trends in technology jobs for next year. Happy job hunting and happy 2016!

The good news is that technology is still one of the best careers with the most opportunities. Employment in technology is expected to grow 18 percent by 2022, compared to less than 11 percent growth in other industries.

You can build your career around a specific industry. Working long-term in a particular industry builds business knowledge that adds to the value of your technical skills; it makes it easier for you to talk to business users and understand their exact requirements. One business with great demand for tech workers is healthcare IT; with physicians and hospital systems struggling to adopt electronic health records, tech workers who can build more easy-to-use medical applications and keep the information secure will find lots of opportunities.

You can also build your career around specific hands-on technical skills. Database developers have never been in more demand; the growth of big data has created many opportunities for data scientists and database administrators. Learn newer tools like NoSQL databases in addition to traditional relational database skills, and you'll be well-positioned for work. Programming skills also remain in high demand, especially for web and mobile applications.

There are plenty of technology jobs in support and management roles, too. The adoption of cloud computing has put stress on company processes for deploying and supporting applications; as a result, careers in DevOps – where you oversee application rollouts and monitor their production performance – are growing. Project management is another growing career; if you don't mind giving up the joy of writing code and are willing to take on the planning and tracking work, there are six-figure salary opportunities.

The unending stream of highly public security breaches at major companies has companies of all sizes reviewing their information security policies; cloud computing has also made security a hot topic for many businesses. As a result, security engineers are in great demand. Companies need to plug holes in their security teams to plug holes in their networks and applications.