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Start making 6 Figures in DevOps

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6 Figures In Dev Ops

Some companies think DevOps is "just" a support role. Smarter companies realize that DevOps performs a critical business function, and reward their DevOps staff for contributing toward business success. For tech workers who want to make a high income in a DevOps position, identifying companies that value DevOps is key to achieving their goals. If you're considering a DevOps position, look for these signs that the company treats its DevOps team with respect:

The company uses DevOps in its job titles.

Recognizing DevOps as a distinct position means the company has thought about the DevOps role. Companies that align responsibilities with the job title usually align salaries with the responsibilities, as well.

The company looks for specific DevOps skills when hiring.

DevOps positions require more than certification in specific technologies. They require a deep understanding of the business, plus the ability to interact with customers (internal and external) to understand their needs and develop solid solutions to their problems.

The company has integrated DevOps across the development lifecycle.

DevOps is intended to span the development lifecycle, but in many companies it simply covers the turnover to production status when testing completes. Companies that understand the value of DevOps allow developers and operations staff to work cooperatively through the entire lifecycle.

The company has been using a DevOps approach for a while.

The DevOps term was only coined in 2009, and the concept is still spreading across the industry. Companies that bought into the idea early and have been using it for a while are more likely to understand the value of the role and pay DevOps workers high rates.

The entire company culture is collaborative.

DevOps can only flourish in an organization that doesn't have strong boundaries between departments. Companies where DevOps succeeds encourage communication between teams, with a sense of shared responsibility rather than silos.

The company's DevOps employees are enthusiastic.

When you interview with a company, pay attention to the attitude of the employees you talk with. Listen to how they describe their work, its challenges, and its rewards. While you can't ask someone to show you their paystub, you'll get the best sense of how a company treats its DevOps staff by talking to the people currently doing that work.